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Caroline Abed Gaona

Exercise Program 

Goals this week:

  • Order inflatable ball

  • Order bolsters pillow

​work on having good posture

1. Workout routine A

1. Face Massage

2. Side Lying Psoas stretch with ball.


-Lie on your side with the ball underneath you between your ribs and your hips. 
-Feel the ball push into your stomach
-Inhale expand your stomach into the ball
-Exhale squeeze your rib bones and hip bones together to squeeze the ball 

Repeat 10X on each side. 

3. Neck Strength


-Lie head on bottom hand
- Make sure ears are in line with shoulders 
-Tuck chin and push top of head away
- Focus your eyes on something 
-Lift head up off hand about 2 inches or until in line with spine 
- Work head lifted for 30 seconds

-Keep checking in and asking yourself - are my ears over my shoulders

Do 1X on each side. 


4. Neck Strength 

5. Rhomboids

6. Standing roll downs


Work out routine B 

1. Towel feet exercises

3. Shoulder exercises

2.Glute Med Leg Lifts

45 degrees


180 degrees (in line with hip)

- Lift top leg up to height of your hip, bend knee slightly, flex foot and push leg away- hold leg up for 1 min 
-repeat for both the positions pictured above

4. pushups

4. Squats

5. L3/L4 ELDOA


- Sit tall ( lower back forwards, chest up and neck in line), knee open , feet flexed and 2 inches apart.

- Push top of head and arms to the ceiling and knees to the ground.

- Belly breath

Work like this for 1 min. 

Before bed

1. Eye and face massage


3.Bolster Breathing 

-Lie on your back with your hips on the bolster. 

-Hands on your belly. 

-Inhale and expand the belly into your hands , exhale and deflate. 

-Feel your hands rise and fall as you breath.

-Breath for 5 min.

2. L5/S1 ELDOA


- Lie on your back with your sitbones touching the wall and legs up on the wall

- look down at your legs and belly breath

All at the same time:

- Push the top of your head away as you push your sitbones in to the wall

- Flex your feet and push your heels to the ceiling in and your tailbone and lower back to the ground. 

- Belly breath

Work like this for 1 min. 

Posture Notes

Lift toes to find good posture- ears stacked over shoulders and hip stacked over heels.

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