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Cynthia Ward
Goals 2024

Great, keep up the good work!

1. Posture 

- Focus our efforts on neck and upper back posture 
- Add in more global movement to challenge how our body organizes its posture (ensuring correct functional movement in everyday activities).

2. Biking / Running/ Uphill walking
 These are global exercises that can be used for measurement of lower limb strength, cardio health, and ability to organize your body . 

- Work your way up incrementally
        - Start with 1 day a week- 5 min

- Keep up work on
        -Psoas organization and strength
        - Diaphragm strength and organization
        - Feet and knee proprioception, strength, and circulation

3. Upper body strength and tone

- Continue progress in push ups and/or planks
- Continue progress on upper body muscles you need for posture- rhomboids, serratus, neck muscles, spine erectors, biceps and triceps, eyes
- Add weight
        - squat weighted bar- start with 8 lbs and increase 

4. Feeling less tired at the end of the day 

- Find out what is causing the fatigue
- Keep up on end of day routine
        - try switching eye exercises to end of day 
- Possibility to do movement or breathing break mid day?

5. Long Term Aging Goals

- Ability to do activities you enjoy for long periods of time without injury or discomfort 
        - gardening 
        - walking 
- Maintain mobility so can always get down and up off the ground 
        - need to maintain good mobility in  ankles, hips, and back

- Grip strength and carrying heavy things when needed with out issue
        - maintain good mobility and strength in the upper body and neck so the nerves in that feed the arms and hands can work well 
        - maintain work with weights and upper body strength 
- Balance

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