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The Dancer’s Fascial Mobility Program


Train Smarter Not Harder.

The DFF Program gives dancers better insights into how their body works to train more effectively and achieve their desired results.
Forget about your muscles and focus on your body's myofascial links to enhance your performance quality and range of motion in your movement and reduce injury.


How does the DFM Program help me learn more about my body and take better care of my Fascia?

To become a better mover you need better Fascia. 

Once uninformed as a dancer, now anatomy-savvy as a trainer. Learning anatomy transforms understanding and enhances movement control. ​
Anyone can learn anatomy—just dive in.

Unlike static stretches, Myo-Fascial stretching directly targets fascial restrictions around your muscles, optimizing fascia health and improving mobility.

Improve back mobility and reduce injury risk for herniated discs, sciatica, and more, with targeted fascial exercises for the spine.
Our bodies can heal naturally in the right environment. 
Stress hinders this healing process by preventing muscle and fascia recovery needed for movement. Learn these breath exercises to promote rest and tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and be prepared for the next day.

I am a mover, a giant nerd, and a collaborator with my clients.

Drawing from my experiences in injuries as a ballet dancer,  Dance Theater of Harlem trained, Pilates instructor, and studies with osteopath Guy Voyer DO., I stress the importance of knowledge in a dancer's training program. This approach helped me rehab and gain better mobility then I had dancing, inspiring the DFM Program.

My goal with this program is to equip dancers for optimal movement and injury prevention.

Don't wait for injury to learn about your body; start now and propel your professional career.

Meet Your Trainer

Invest In Yourself

Change how you think, and you'll change how you move. 

* This program is intended for individual use only. It is not a certification program. 

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