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Isabella Exercise Program

Goals this week..


  • Face massage and belly breathing until your nervous system comes down and what you observed feels better.

  • Sit and Twist 
    • Neck in line, sternum lifted up not backwards.​

At Night 

  • Observe your body

    • check:

      • ​​​nervy feeling in body

      • shoulders, neck and jaw tension

      • ability to belly breath easily

  • Lying on Bolster breathing 

    • lying with supported on a bolster

      •  belly breath 10 X​

      • chest and upper back breath 10X

  • Towel feet exercises with rescue loop around the big toes

    • grab towel 10X each way​

    • make sure you focus on feeling the towel with you 4th and 5th toes and then curl the toes to grab the towel. 

2024 Overall Goal

1. Learn how to manage your nervous system so you can enjoy your life with less pain and discomfort. 

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