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Marianne Goals

This Week:

1. Integrate routine we talked about 

2. Make sure to get in your decompression routine every night 


-Face massage and base of skull massage

- Shake foot with big toe mobility

-Eyes- look far 20 sec. then look near 20 sec. - repeat 4X
(if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or in anyway odd stop doing the eye exercise) 

Bolster breathing- lie hips on a Bolster, hands on stomach and inflate and relax belly to see hands rise and fall. 20 breaths


Decompresssion Routine

- TVA abs 
follow this breathing 
- inhale fill your belly 
- exhale pull belly to spine 1/2 way
-inhale pull belly to spine
-exhale pull belly to spine
- inhale pull belly to spine
- exhale relax
repeat 5X

- Diaphragm breathing 
inhale fill belly 
exhale deflate belly 


Before Swim Routine

- Psoas detorsion 10X on each side 
- Diaphram belly breath 5X 
-glute meds 50X in all 3 positions


Before Walk Routine

Long-term Goals 2024

1. Train for Splash and Dash

- Keep focus that is for fun.
- Progress distance of running, swimming without pain or harm to the body.
- Find a Gym and add in weight training and treadmill running.  

2. Work on all aspects of health and wellness for the body 

- Nutrition help- find a nutritionist 
- Keep up on decompressing routine at end of day- keep nervous system in top shape and stress levels low and taking time to listen to your body that day. 

Training needed for Splash and Dash

-Shoulder joints mobility- shoulder joints ELDOA's- Pec minor Mf stretch 
porprioception of thoracic spine and neck 
-Trunk mobility and strength- Psoas/ Diaphragm/ abs coordination and organization
-Strength training 
          -Gym- Lats/ obliques/ Pecs/biceps/ triceps
          -Segmental reinf. - Delts/ back extensors/ obliques/ serratus/ rhombs/ SCM neck muscles

-Feet- ankle mobility/proprioception/strength ( inversion/eversion/tib anterior/big toe)
-Neck strength and organization 
-Hips organization and strength - hip proprioception
-SI joint organization and mobility- SI joint proprioception

-Strength training
          -Gym-glutes max/ quads/

          -Segmental reinf. -glute meds/ inner thighs/ hams/ psoas/ calves ( 2X4)

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