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Sharman Goals 2024

This Week:

- make an exercise calendar- deciding what exercise you will do everyday (you can use calendar below if you'd like)

- do exercise routine at least 3X this week

- add in biking to exercise routine

Overall Goals

1. Get up and down off the ground gracefully 

Parts of body needed to be mobile, organized and strong to achieve goal:
          - Back of body- glutes, back muscles ( upper back to lower back), calves, bottoms of feet.
          - Front of body- quads, psoas ( hip flexors) big toes.

Exercise Routine

Goal: do exercises 3X a week ( not including with me) 

1. Roll down and touch your toes before and after exercises to asses progress. 

3. Hips on bolster breathing 

  •  lie on your back

  • lift your hips and put a pillow under neath

  • hands on stomach

  • inhale feel belly expand hands

  • exhale feel belly deflate hands

    20 slow breaths

5. Bike at Gym

bike for 10-15 min.
with help with tight hip flexors and lower back. 
Good cardio for winter.

2. Face Massage

reduces neck tension

reduces nervous system tension

slowly massage 

  • base of skull

  • jaw

  • cheeks

  • temples

  • scalp

4. Spine Twist stretch 

  • start lying on your side in the fetal position elbows closed

  • inhale open top elbow and twist spine back like in picture 3X and on the 3rd time stay .

  • breath with your belly and push elbow and knees away from each other - stretch for 30 seconds 

  • do 3X on each side. 


Exercise Calendar

Exercise this week- check off your progress.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Posture Notes

1. Keep neck in line throughout the day

2. Weight over your heels (lift your toes to check). 

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