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Let's change the way you move your body to change the way you live your life.

It's deeper than working out.

Feeling better in your body is not about reps and weights; it's about working with a guide who understands how to work the body as an interconnected system so you can fully embody your body - and your life.

I am a mover, a giant nerd, and a collaborator with my clients.

​As a movement coach, I have invested my whole self into learning about the body.


I have a background in relational anatomy and biomechanics as well as interdisciplinary certifications that focus on how the body moves as an entire system.


With my multifaceted knowledge, I can better understand movers' bodies - from walkers to runners, dancers, golfers, swimmers, and anyone with arms, legs, and a spine.

How do I help you achieve your goals more effectively?

With my giant toolbox of modalities, of course! 

Posture strengthening exercises

​ELDOA exercises- put space in your spine

​Pilates ​

Myofascial stretching


Breath exercises


You can change your body. 

It’s all about how you move it.

Through our work together, we are changing the way you move, stand, sit and exercise. We are transforming the way your body works - in your sessions with me and in your daily life - so you can achieve lasting, meaningful results.

How do I know training with a Laura works?

Don't just take it from me - hear from clients who have made the investment and are enjoying their constantly improving results.

" I have kept fit my whole life but this is the first time I can feel my body changing "

-Cynthia Ward



Invest In Yourself

Transform your body today.

Stay in the loop!

All set, talk soon!

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