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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for being apart of the trial workshop.

This trial workshop is based on helping dancers learn about how to take are of their bodies and prevent injury with a recovery program they can develop for themselves.  Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. The questionnaire will help me to get a better of idea where professional dancers are in their journey of self care and injury prevention methods and the health intake section helps me to make sure all exercise is done safely to fit your bodies needs. Thank you! 

Please fill out form below. 

Client Information


Health History 

Do you currently have pain ?
Please check boxes of areas where you've had any past or recent injures.
Do you have a hip replacement ?
Do you have any spinal fusions?
Are you pregnant? Or think you could be? These exercises should not be done if pregnant.

Terms and Conditions

I agree that the health intake form is complete to the best of my knowledge.  

I understand that If I have pain, injury,  an existing medical condition, or have undergone recent surgery, I will get clearance to exercise from my physician before resuming activity with Laura Sifuentez.

I understand that if I experience pain , I will stop doing the exercise immediately and Laura Sifuentez will assume no responsibility for injury. 

Thank you for submitting.

Stay in the loop!

All set, talk soon!

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