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This Ultimate Recovery Program trains you to work Smarter Not Harder.

To soar to run? Recurring injuries? Too fatigued to perform at your optimal level?
Time to develop a better recovery program.
Time to forget about your muscles and focus on your fascia. 

Reduce soarness, increase injury prevention and optimize time enjoying the high of running with innovative techniques that target the recovery your fascia not just your muscles
Why a focus on Fascia?
This comprehensive program is for all runners, just getting back into the love of it as well as those training for marathons. 
Set yourself up for optimal success with the Runner’s Fascial Recovery Program. 


Active Man

The Program

6 weeks of classes ( 1 per a week) 

3 methods of recovery to enhance your recovery time 

2 ways of joining - in person or online

1 routine to optimize your recovery - come away with a routine that you can use after all your runs.


The Recovery Methods

ELDOA The ultimate in back decompression exercises.  Avoid injuries such as Sciatica, herniated dics and help your legs and back perform better with decompression of one the most important parts of a runners body, L5/S1. L5/S1 is an area in your spine right below your belly button and is the area where your trunk and your lower limbs meet. It needs to be free of compression that can result form te impact of running, especially with bad form, not only so that your hips can act as a counter rotation to the body above to store and reales energy to propel your forwards but it is also a prime hot spot for nerves that control the legs below.


MYO-FASCIAL STRETCHING Forget about your muscles and focus on your fascia.  Stretching has long been a part of a runner recovery routine but have you ever consider the flexibility of your fascia? You can think about your fascia as a bag that surrounds your muscles. It is this bag that is th e most important to keep flexible. Since it surrounds the muscels , if it is tight it can restrict everything inside of it, muscels, nerves, etc.  These Myo( meaning muscle) - Fascial ( the bag around the muscel) stretches, created by world renowned Guy Voyer, DO.,  will help to optimally increase the mobility in your body. Leading to better transfer of fluids (which reduces soarness), prevention of injuries such as plantar fascitis, sciatica and over all release tension in the most important parts of a runner’s body as well as increasing blood flow to all the uscels you need to perfom.

DIAPHRAGM BREATHING In order  for your body to start the recovery process it needs to get out of go mode ( a.k.a fight or flight mode, the mode we are in when we are running) and into rest and digest mode ( the mode we are in when we are calm ) Learn how to use diaphragmatic breathing to help you get into this rest and digest mode ( also called your parasympathetic mode)  to your recovery time more efficient.  Diaphragmatic breathing can also help induce better sleep, promoting relaxation and reducing stress decreasing fatigue over all in sport and in life as well as be a factor in reducing back pain.

Smile of Victory

See what our runners are saying….

“10 years ago the doctors told me I had to stop running due to back pain and herniated disk. This work has completely changed my posture and movement patterns.Today I am pain free and running more than ever.”

Carsten W. 

Life long runner and client

Meet the Trainer

This Program was designed by a Posture and Fitness coach with extensive knowledge on how the body works biomechanically and how the body works as one connected system.

This expert instructor will guide you through each exercise, providing detailed instructions and modifications to ensure you get the most out of every aspect of the program. 






Interest Peaked?

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